Session Topics

The State and Future of the Coffee Economy
Economists predict a severe supply shortage of Arabica coffee, and more consumers than ever identify themselves as Specialty Coffee drinkers. We’ve gained so much in the coffee marketplace, but where do we go from here, and how do we sustain our success as an industry? Key visionaries and leaders help us understand the macroeconomics and chart a course for the future.

Speaking: Ric Rhinehart, Andrea Illy, David Griswold
Phyllis Johnson, Christine Condo Umuhoza, Teddy Esteve, Kent Bakke, Lindsey Bolger

Sustainability: Changing Everything Except the Goal
Once the province of activists and agitators, sustainability is now celebrated by the world’s most dynamic businesses. Specialty coffee has long been a leader in the field and in the past few years, the industry has seen some ambitious sustainability commitments from large companies, but we are also confronting tough questions: are the tools we’ve been using to measure sustainability going to serve us in the future? Can competitors work together? Are we moving fast enough? Who decides what sustainability means? Expect keen analysis and case studies on sustainability leadership that will guide our individual businesses and our industry as a whole.

Speaking: Andre de Freitas, Kim Elena Ionescu, Vava Angwenyi
Panelists: Alejandro Cadena, Molly Laverty, Lee Wallace, Merling Preza

Changing Tides: Building Diverse and Inclusive Coffee Communities
#BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #TimesUp … these pivotal social movements have shifted the calls for change to the forefront, pushing the pendulum towards a more equitable world.  This session centers on emerging dialog within the context of the coffee industry, highlighting initiatives and resources to help us build resilient communities and businesses for the future. 

Speaking: Colleen Anunu, Michelle Johnson, Candice Madison Zachary
Panelists: Doug Hewitt,
 Jenn Chen, Tymika Lawrence, Isabela Pascoal Becker, Kimberly Easson, Chad Trewick

Harnessing the Power of Science
The past decade has been an amazing period of discovery and development in coffee science. The coffee genome has been sequenced, we’ve faced the existential threat of climate change and agricultural disease, and academic coffee research entities have emerged. Learn about new developments in coffee science, and explore how Specialty Coffee can engage with the scientific enterprise for the benefit of all of us.

Speaking: Peter Guiliano, Selena Ahmed, Britta Folmer
Panelists: Ed Price, Bill Murray, Dr. Maya Zuniga, Chahan Yeretzian, William Ristenpart

The State and Future of the Business of Coffee
Business leaders in Specialty Coffee gather to discuss the ways that the specialty coffee trade has changed in the past decade, the challenges businesses face today, and how we might prepare for the future. From the proliferation of small specialty coffee companies- the so-called ‘Tidal Wave’- to the emergent behaviors of new consumer groups, expect real insights and intense discussion.

Speaking: Nicholas Cho, Jan Anderson,
Panelists: Dan McCloskey, Tracy Ging, Ian Williams, Pamela Chng, Isabela Raposeiras, Teresa von Fuchs

The Evolution of Innovation: How New Ideas will Shape Specialty Coffee’s Future
From brewing technology to point-of-sale to social media, innovations in specialty coffee have reshaped our industry in the next decade. But innovation hasn’t slowed- and promises more dramatic shifts in the next ten years. Get a glimpse of new ideas in coffee from some leading thinkers in specialty coffee- and we’ll discuss how they are likely to shape the future of our industry.

Speaking: Meister, Freedom (Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner), Daniel Jones
Arno Holschuh, Umeko Motoyoshi, Jay Ruskey

I really liked having people on the stage that are experts in their given fields outside of coffee and find a way to apply their expertise to the coffee industry. It makes for a much richer learning experience!
— Ashley, The Little Black Coffee Cup