What is Re:co Symposium?

Re:co (Regarding: coffee) is a unique event designed for high-level discussion, leading innovation and strategy development for those passionate and influential in the world of specialty coffee.

Through a mixture of speakers, interactive experiences and opportunities for conversation, Re:co looks at the specialty coffee market, the challenges we face and some of the solutions we have, and to shine a light on opportunities for growth and development and will delve into how these can be approached.

Re:co’s audience are those looking to gain insight into the specialty coffee market and supply chain, as well as those looking to be challenged and inspired by their industry. It is an essential event for leaders of businesses who believe that collaborative work and discussion can benefit all involved.

Re:co Symposium X: Building the Specialty Coffee Agenda

2018 is a landmark year for Re:co Symposium. This year will mark the tenth Specialty Coffee Symposium in the United States, and such a milestone couldn’t come at a more important time.

Big changes have happened in the last decade of Specialty Coffee: major consolidations, immense growth in the specialty coffee segment, a shifting consumer base, the coffee leaf rust outbreak, innovations in coffee brewing and packaging, and so much more. Even this year, massive changes are afoot; coffee is at a unique crossroads of broad acceptance, a shifting consumer base, supply side challenges, persistent sustainability issues and a turbulent political landscape.

Re:co Symposium was created to give leading coffee professionals a place to discuss and understand times like these, to be connected, to collaborate, and to chart a future for our businesses and our industry. In this tenth year, we recommit to this mission, and will come together to design an agenda for the Specialty Coffee industry.

We’ll assess the successes and the challenges of the past decade, looking at the predictions we’ve made, the institutions we’ve founded, the challenges we’ve faced, and the victories of specialty coffee.  Then, in a unique, collaborative strategy session, Re:co delegates will collaborate on a strategy for the future, giving each attendee a set of tools to take back into their communities and their businesses, to help them navigate the next decade of Specialty Coffee. 

We’re constructing a Symposium around the main pillars of Specialty Coffee understanding: the Economic Outlook,  Advances in Science, Business and Consumer Research, Innovation, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion. Our trademark Re:co Talks will this year be augmented with round tables, strategy sessions, and interactive experiences designed to engage our coffee leaders and put useful tools into the hands of our delegates. Business leaders, researchers, educators, and influencers will come together to interact, build networks, get educated, and create the future of specialty coffee.

We need your voice there, too.